Scripture Union Nigeria (SUN) is a non-profit Christian organization that focuses on evangelism and discipleship among young people in Nigeria. It is part of the global Scripture Union movement, which was founded in 1867 in England by Josiah Spiers with the aim of encouraging young people to read, study and apply the Bible to their daily lives.

The organization was officially established in Nigeria in 1943, under the leadership of Reverend E. W. H. Foster, who was then the Anglican Bishop of Lagos. Its initial focus was on providing Bible study and devotional materials to schools and churches across Nigeria, with the aim of helping young people to develop a strong Christian faith and values.

Over the years, SUN has expanded its reach and impact in Nigeria, with the establishment of regional and local branches across the country. It has also diversified its activities to include youth camps, leadership training, evangelism and social outreach programs, such as health care services, skills acquisition, and support for disadvantaged groups.

SUN has played a significant role in promoting Christian values and principles among young people in Nigeria, and has been recognized for its contributions to national development. It has also collaborated with other Christian organizations and churches in Nigeria to promote unity and foster a sense of community among young people.

Today, SUN remains committed to its mission of bringing young people to faith in Jesus Christ and nurturing them to become effective leaders and agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.